Meet our Athletes; Sinead Skerry

Posted by Ciaran Tobin on 15 June 2020


This runner has unlocked her ability through consistant dedicated training and a desire to improve
Where she is as a runner now didnt "just happen"

She made it happen !


1.When did you start running

I started running in summer 2013. I had quit smoking after 21 years and wanted to get healthier.

2. When did you join Trim AC ?

I joined in summer 2013. A friend had told me about the club and asked me to come down. I had never really ran or played sports before so a Trim AC training session was a shock to the system. I couldn’t believe how unfit I had become and was determined to improve. It certainly didn’t happen overnight, and it wasn’t until I became consistent with my training that I started to see improvements.

3.Why do you run ?

I run for many reasons. Firstly because I can’t imagine not running now, it has become part of my routine. I run because of how it makes me feel physically and mentally, and I run because I can. It’s only when you get an injury and can’t run that you realise how important it is.

4.Favourite event, race or competition (other than a Trim AC event)?


5.Do you listen to music, podcasts or the natural world while running ?

If I’m running on the road I listen to music to drown out the traffic, but I try to stay in the Porchfields as much as possible.

6. Favourite type of training. ?

Progression runs. The first slowest section always feels so hard, but the faster you get the easier it feels.

7.Who is your athletics hero ?

I don’t really have one. I think we have some very strong inspirational women in the club, at all levels and for different reasons.

8. What is your best memory from the sport ?

Completing my first DCM. I Ioved every single second of the race. I couldn’t believe I was actually running a marathon. There was no time pressure, the crowd was amazing and from around the half way mark I was already thinking about how I would train for the following year. When I crossed the finish line I wanted to turn around and do it all again.

9. What is the best race or athletics competition you ever watched but did not take part in ?

Trim 10 mile. Every year!!! Around October/ November I say I’m definitely doing it next year, and when January comes I think I’m not fit enough and decide to volunteer instead. I’ll run it next year!
10. What aspect of the sport gives you satisfaction ?

Completing a training session that initially seems too hard. I don’t enjoy racing so I’m not motivated by times or PBs, but I love to train. So when I can complete a training session faster than before or it feels easier I know I’m progressing.

11. How important is group training to you ?

It’s very important. The group challenges you in a way you can’t on your own. It also adds some fun and friendly competition to your training as there is always someone in front of you to catch.

12. Has the sport influenced life in general ?

Definitely, it’s a major part of my life now. I feel stronger and healthier both physically and mentally.

13 .What do you feel is your best sporting attribute?

I think I’m quite disciplined. I like to eat well, sleep well and train well, if I’m not doing one it affects the others.

!4. What motivates you to go training on a wet and windy day ?
I really don’t like the wind, but the colder and wetter the better. I’m definitely a winter runner. I love running on a crisp cold evening. The cold air opens your lungs and you can push and push without getting out of breath, add in some rain to keep you cool- that’s a perfect run.

There are evenings when I’m tired or it’s too hot and I don’t feel like running, but knowing that the rest of the group will be there and the feeling afterwards gets me out the door.

15. What advice would you give a new member ?

Just keep turning up, the rest will happen.

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