Meet our Athletes; Maurice Brennan

Posted by Ciaran Tobin on 15 June 2020

Those who were there remember the "Highway Patrol" slowing down for a gawk at the training group near "Tasty and Tempting"

Officer Brennan questioned us from the heat and comfort of the car

The next week his running journey began for real !

Maurice Brennan



1.When did you start running

2012. I started with the “Run with Ray” couch to 5K program.

I think I caught the running bug quite quickly because 6 months later I ran my first marathon.


2. When did you join Trim AC?

After making all the mistakes while training for my first marathon, I saw a bunch of lunatics running around SuperMac’s on a cold and dark December evening, and I thought “that looks fun”.

The following Tuesday I was introduced to Ciaran and he asked me what my 5K PB was, (24mins at the time) then he pointed me towards Quinton and said follow him!! (Yeah right)…. That first session nearly killed me.

I eventually found my place training with the twin towers of Andy Reilly and Barry O’Callaghan and finally I felt safe as a Dub running in Meath.


3.Why do you run?

I’ve always played team sports, mainly rugby and when my participation in field sports ended, my fitness levels really plummeted and I needed something to get my fitness back and running really suited in terms of its flexibility.

Since starting I find it really beneficial for getting head space and giving me time to get away from the day to day stresses of work.


4.Favourite event, race or competition (other than a Trim AC event)?

Locally, Dunshaughlin 10K: Incredible organization and a super friendly club. Immense work must go into that every year.

Having said, nothing touches DCM in terms of atmosphere and comradery. The closest most will getting to feeling like a superstar athlete.


5.Do you listen to music, podcasts or the natural world while running?

Depends, on long runs on my own I listen to music but for shorter runs the natural world is great company


6. Favourite type of training. ?

3 x 3 progression runs. I really love the feeling of ramping up and having the discipline to hit each segment as planned and finishing strong. Also, long progression runs means I’m getting close to tapering for the marathon!


7.Who is your athletics hero?

I was always amazed by Daley Thompsons ability to excel in so many different disciplines, especially while maintaining a seriously impressive moustache and afro.

Also, I have the highest regard for our club volunteers, these people are the life blood of Irish society.



8. What is your best memory from the sport?

I would love to say it was my first marathon but that was a horrendous experience for me. I will never forget the last 6miles. I thought I’d never get to the end and afterwards I was so depressed, I had no idea why. I am envious of those who were able to cite finishing their first marathon as their best memory!

Therefore, my best memories are those events where I’m not struggling to actually finish and I can push right to the end. During the Trim10 last year I even slowed down to allow Tom Moore to catch up so that the finishing camera could picture me beating him right at the line. So Sweet!


9. What is the best race or athletics competition you ever watched but did not take part in ?

Sorry, I don’t understand the question! What’s enjoyable about competitions that you are not taking part in?


10. What aspect of the sport gives you satisfaction?

Having the ability to execute a negative split especially when you finish strong. There is no better feeling than getting it right on the day. You’ve train hard, you plan your race and you execute perfectly. Nothing tastes like that post-race banana and protein milk afterwards….


11. How important is group training to you?

Hugely important, there is always someone in front and behind you to keep you honest in every session. Also there has to be more than just running and training. Trim AC has got a great mix between the social aspect and working hard to improve.

Although now that there’s a break in training, it has given my bruises from Ellen’s elbows some time to heal.


12. Has the sport influenced life in general?

Yes. I believe if you are fit for sport you are fit for your life.

Also running teaches you to have more resilience and discipline in your life in general


13 . What do you feel is your best sporting attribute?

When I played rugby I was generally either captain or pack leader, not that I was the best player by any stretch but I could read the game very well and therefore my decision making was pretty good.

I think I have been able to transfer this into running and my race day strategy usually allows me to get the best out of myself on race days.


14. What motivates you to go training on a wet and windy day?

The knowledge that the average person wouldn’t even thing about venturing out. Therefore, if you don’t want to be average, head out!


15. What advice would you give a new member?

Enjoy it and stop chasing a times. If you’re not enough with your times you’ll never be enough. There will always be lower times to chase.

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