Meet our Athletes; Emma Gibney

Posted by Ciaran Tobin on 15 June 2020

Always supportive of colleagues

Cheering younger ones while she warms up

Cheering older ones home when her own race is run.


1.When did you start running

Started running 6 years ago after i ran my 1st  junior Braveheart. I must have thought i was going to get biscuits after every run i did as i then joined the club.


2. When did you join Trim AC ?

Joined in 2014

3.Why do you run ?

I run because it makes me feel good about myself. If your having a bad day and you go out for a run you feel alot better. I also enjoy running with my friends or meeting other runners out on your run. That one hello smile or wave can make your run alot better.  I also run because it makes me a better footballer.  Im faster on the gaa pitch since i started running..

4.Favourite event, race or competition (other than a Trim AC event)?

Last year i got to run in the All Irelands. It was a great experience as we ran in muck up to our knees but all the support on the sideline was amazing and got me through the whole race with a smile on my face.

5.Do you listen to music, podcasts or the natural world while running ?

Ive never ran with music as ive always had my clubmates to run with. But recently with not being able to train with anyone  ive started to listen to music. I find it really helpful especially on my long run on a sunday morning. I get through it alot easier as my mind is on the music.


6. Favourite type of training. ?

This is a hard one as ive always said the short and fast sessions are for me but im starting to enjoy my Sunday morning long runs. So either short and fast or a nice long run would be my favourite.


7.Who is your athletics hero ?

My athletics hero is definitely my running coach Pat Comey. Pat is the most inspirational and caring person I've ever met. He tells me I can when I feel like I cant. Pat believes that im so much better than i am. I may not be the best of runners but Pat makes me feel like i can accomplish anything if i put my mind to it. I wouldnt be the runner I am today without him.

My 2 other heroes are my GAA coaches Barry Moyles and Sean Murphy who are both fantastic runners.

8. What is your best memory from the sport ?

Best memory was the Meath Championships last year. Id never won my own individual medal and never thought i would. I can be a bit negative with myself sometimes but I placed 2nd in the 1500 m on day 1 and on day 2  I  placed 3rd in the 800m.   I was so happy as it was a big achievement for myself. Also another good memory was a few years ago i showed up to a cross country race thinking i had only 2.5km to do ( i wasnt a fan of cross country at the time) and my other coach Elaine handed me my number and on it was 3.5km.  And i nearly  lost my life. Told Pat it must be a mistake and he laughed and said " I had to tell you that it was only 2.5k or you wouldnt have come"

Even though i complained it was a great race in the end.

9. What is the best race or athletics competition you ever watched but did not take part in ?

Definitely the Dublin city marathon last year. I went with my Mom and Dad to cheer on all the Trim athletes taking part. And I got to run a few miles with Pat.

The atmosphere was amazing and hopefully when im older I can take part one day.

10. What aspect of the sport gives you satisfaction ?

Putting in the hard work and getting good results in the end.



11. How important is group training to you ?

Group training is really important to me as i find I push myself when im with other people. I started my running journey with Ava and Sarah and Ive always ran with them. Pat nick named us the 3 musketeers. I love group training as all the girls in the club get on great and aswell as pushing each other on we always find time to fit the  gossip in. I miss the chats these last few weeks.


12. Has the sport influenced life in general ?

Yes running has influenced my life in general. One of the reasons i run is because it really brings me on with football.  I took a year out of football few years back to focus on my running but I missed my team mates so I went back and now I try to balance them both in my life. Sometimes its hard but i dont want to give up either of them.


13 .What do you feel is your best sporting attribute?

I think my best sporting attribute would be that i always try my best and finish with a smile. My mom and dad always tell me before a race " just go out and do your best "


!4. What motivates you to go training on a wet and windy day ?

Coming home to a hot shower and getting into my fluffy pyjamas. 


15. What advice would you give a new member ?

Id say do your best even though its hard at the start.  You'll get loads of great advice from other runners and you'll make lots of  great friends along the way.


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